Most K-Cup Challenges Aren’t Too Hard to Address

Some people love K-cups. Other people give K-cups a try and decide they don't like them. This is fine; everyone is entitled to their opinion. However, a lot of the challenges that initially turn people off to K-cups are really easy to address. Here's a look at some of those challenges and their solutions. 

Challenge: Your coffee tastes too watery.

If you are someone who likes strong coffee, you might initially find the coffee from your K-cup brewer too weak. Thankfully, there are ways to make stronger coffee with K-cups. First, make sure your K-cup brewer is set to the smallest cup size. Since this setting sends less water through each K-cup, it results in stronger coffee. If this coffee is still too strong, then you'll want to head back to the store and look for K-cups labeled "extra strong." These cups contain stronger coffee, and sometimes also a larger volume of coffee grounds to ensure your cup comes out with a kick.

Challenge: Your coffee mug keeps overflowing.

Finding the coffee right to the top of your coffee mug, or even dripping over the edge, can be messy and frustrating. The easiest way to address this would be to get a larger mug. Or, you could use a smaller setting on the coffee brewer. For instance, if you've been pushing the large cup button, you can start pushing the medium cup setting instead. Your machine should tell you how many ounces each setting emits. Compare this to the volume of the coffee mug you're using, and make sure your coffee mug is at least 2 ounces larger than the coffee volume so there's plenty of space.

Challenge: Your K-cup machine makes too much waste. 

Do you feel like your trash can is filling up way too fast when you use K-cups? The waste they create is a common criticism of these brewers. Luckily, you can address this challenge in two ways. The first would be to look for compostable K-cups. You can bury these in your garden or add them to your compost heap; they break down over time. Or, you could look for a refillable K-cup and just fill it with your own coffee grounds each time you want to brew a cup. 

Most K-cup challenges are not that hard to address. If you come across one of these challenges, don't let it turn you off K-cups and coffee pods. Contact Starbucks K-cup coffee pod suppliers to learn more. 

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