What To Look For In A Homemade Gluten-Free Bread Recipe

Gluten is a protein that is in some grains, such as wheat. There is a difference between having to stay away from gluten because of celiac disease — in which the consumption of gluten can damage the intestines, and being gluten sensitive. Gluten sensitivity results in some discomfort when eating foods that contain gluten, but not to the severity of celiac disease. Still, it's estimated around 6-7% of the US population suffers from gluten sensitivity overall.

Learning to prepare homemade gluten-free bread helps to reduce the symptoms related to gluten sensitivity. Since the protein is found in common bread grains, it's important to find homemade gluten-free bread recipes that are convenient for your lifestyle. As more people start becoming aware of how gluten affects their lives, more recipes show up on the Internet and in other resources for homemade gluten-free bread. Use this guide to help you get the most out of your recipe search.

Easily purchased ingredients

Look for homemade gluten-free bread recipes that allow you to buy all the ingredients you need at your local store. Common wheat flour substitutes include almond and coconut, which may be available at your local store but may also have to be purchased at specialty baker shops. If all ingredients in a gluten-free bread recipe can be purchased at your local grocery store, this makes it easier to prepare the bread overall.

Easy-to-follow steps

Bread in general is a baking art, and making a specialty bread that contains gluten-free options is no different. To keep the experience simple and easy to accomplish for you, choose homemade gluten-free bread recipes that have easy-to-follow steps. No-rise bread or bread that doesn't require multiple steps to prepare can be easier to make in a gluten-free option than bread that requires rising and kneading several times over.

Versatile recipes

Since gluten-free bread will replace many bread types in your home, make sure to choose recipes that meet your needs. A gluten-free bread recipe should be easy to convert into rolls, bread sticks, pizza dough, and even scones. The right homemade gluten-free bread recipe will be versatile in how much bread is made as well as what the dough can be substituted for, and each recipe will have allowances for different ingredients to create various results as well.

Play around with a few basic gluten-free bread recipes before choosing a final one for your needs. Keep your gluten-free ingredients away from any items containing gluten for best results.

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