When Starting A Coffee Shop, Your Equipment Matters

Every decision that you make when choosing your coffee shop equipment will potentially affect your sales and business popularity down the line. Here are some things to consider about picking out the right equipment. 

Coffee Machinery

The espresso bar equipment you pick out is obviously a big thing to consider. With the right espresso machines, your baristas can work most efficiently. Fewer mistakes will be made and fewer drinks will be returned. The quality of the final coffee brew also depends a lot on the coffee machinery you use. So do yourself a favor and devote plenty of your budget to choosing a Barsetto espresso coffee machine or a machine of similar high quality. 

Food Sources

The sources for your coffee beans and other food and beverage vendors will be apparent to your customers; it will make or break your marketing. Customers will care about food being responsibly sourced. They will also care about the quality of ingredients, with organic products being favored by many. At the least, avoid products with unnecessary additives. You want to be able to be proud about the sources of food you use for your restaurant and not have to hide them behind creative marketing. 


Furniture affects the type of atmosphere your coffee shop creates. Sometimes, you want furniture that is soft and relaxed and conducive to friends catching up over a lengthy cup of coffee. This could make people stay longer and spend more money at your coffee shop. But other times, you want to have an atmosphere that encourages people to come in and out quickly. If you expect a high volume of people that don't spend much time in your shop, you might be better off getting some more practical stools that save space in your shop. 


Finally, think about the types of utensils you plan to use. Whenever possible, find to-go cups and spoons that are recyclable or compostable. You will need recycling and composting bins to match your choices. You might also offer reusable cups or plates for in-house use. There is also the possibility of offering people a discount for bringing their own utensils, which saves you money on cleanup and purchasing of utensils. 

With all of these decisions being very important to the outcome of your business, make sure that you devote plenty of time to thinking carefully about how much to spend on each area of your new business. 

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