3 Great Uses For Kaiser Buns

It is hard to go wrong with bread no matter what kind it is, but you really can't go wrong when you use kaiser buns. These buns are going to be soft and loaded with flavor. While traditionally a bun is used to make a sandwich of some sort, they can also be used for several other things as well. These are going to be equally as tasty, but will show you that kaiser buns can have multiple uses. This article is going to discuss 3 of these uses in more detail. 


Since the Kaiser buns have such great flavor, they are perfect for using as croutons. To turn the kaiser buns into croutons, you are going to want to start by setting the buns out and giving them some time to harden. Once they are hard, brush butter on each side of the roll. At this point,  cut the roll into little pieces. You can then place all of the bread on a baking tray and bake in the oven at about 350 degrees, until they are crunchy and golden brown. These croutons are perfect for using on salads because they add a great crunch and an extra pop of flavor. 

Bread Pudding 

Another excellent dish to create using your kaiser buns is bread pudding. This dish is going to be a sweet dish that is perfect for kaiser rolls that are a few days old. To begin, break up your kaiser rolls into smaller pieces and place them in a baking dish, and then drizzle butter all over them. You will then combine milk, eggs, sugar, cinnamon, and vanilla in a separate bowl, and then pour it over the slices of bread. This is then going to go into a 350 degree oven for about 45 minutes or until the bread pudding springs back when you touch it. This dish can be great for a breakfast or a dessert, and can be eaten with several extra toppings, including fresh fruit, syrup, whipped cream, or whatever else sounds good to you. 


A simple but tasty use for your kaiser bun is bruschetta. Simply cut the roll into slices, and then places these slices inside of your oven with the broiler on, or on a grill. This will allow the bread to harden and become crispy. At this point, you can then cover the bruschetta with different toppings, such as pesto, salsa, chicken salad, vinaigrette, olive oil and more. These make a great appetizer or snack.

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