How To Eat Vegan At A Barbecue Restaurant

Whether you love the flavor of barbecue or you just want to enjoy the company of friends and family who want to indulge in barbecue favorites, it may seem daunting to eat as a vegan while visiting a barbecue restaurant. But luckily, by using the right tips and tricks it can be fun and tasty to dine at a barbecue restaurant while staying plant-based. Here's how you can stay vegan while eating at a barbecue restaurant:

Split a Meal or Two

One effective way to make sure you get enough to eat and are satisfied at the end of the meal is to split a dish or two with someone else at the table. They can take the meats and dairy options, and you can have the side dishes that are completely plant-based, such as corn or a baked potato. Choose meals from the menu that allow you to customize the side dishes so you can ensure that you can enjoy at least one item on each plate that you split with your partner.

Order A-La-Carte

If you aren't into sharing or your shared meal won't fill you up, consider ordering a variety of side dishes a-la-carte to create a satisfying and filling meal for yourself. Some interesting options include:

  • Baked beans, corn on the cob, and a couple of rolls.
  • A tossed salad, green beans, and a baked potato.
  • Potato wedges, mixed steamed veggies, and cornbread.
  • A baked sweet potato and baked beans.

It's a good idea to request no dairy when placing your order just in case some butter or other sneaky ingredient is lurking in something you don't expect.

Fill up on Sauce Sides

To ensure that your meal is flavorful and satisfying, ask the waiter to bring you a variety of dipping sauces to use. They should be able to bring you small dishes of barbecue sauce, sweet and sour sauce, salsa, and other options that can be combined with the items you order for more depth and optimized taste. Ask your waiter for a full list of condiment options, as they may have items available in the kitchen that aren't found on the menu. Consider ordering a different sauce for each item on your plate to keep things interesting.

These tips and tricks should help make eating at a barbecue restaurant like Grumpy's Bar B Que Roadhouse easy as a vegan and help ensure that your time spent with friends and family is both enjoyable and satisfying. 

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