4 Must-Try Antojitos

Antojitos roughly translates to "little cravings." Generally speaking, antojitos are dishes that are generally served by street vendors in Mexico. However, there are occasions where you can find these dishes in Mexican restaurants served throughout the United States, especially in the southwest. Whether you decide to try your own hand at fixing one of these dishes, or if you make your way to a local Mexican restaurant, be sure to give one (or all) of these mouthwatering dishes a try. 


Aguachile is a thin soup that consists mainly of shrimp that has been doused in a broth that consists of lime juice, coriander, salt, chili peppers and slices of onion. Sometimes you will find variations on the dish where a bevy of fresh vegetables are also added to the mix as well, usually cucumbers and radish. Although far from a hearty dish, aguachile is a spicy one. The prawn tends to absorb the broth quite, well, giving it a tart spiciness. 


Bolillos are a Mexican variation on the French baguette. Although it bears a very close resemblance to the baguette, bolillos are much shorter than their French counterpart and are usually baked in a stone oven. Bolillos are much like baguettes in terms of texture and taste, as well. They have a crunchy "crust" or outer layer, but a soft, white inside. There are some variations on bolillos that are served by vendors throughout Mexico. Some of which, for example, are made using sourdough.


Although often times used as a topping for tacos, tripas are sold by many street vendors throughout the country, as well. Tripas consist of small intestines of an animal – usually pig – that is cleaned, dressed, grilled, and seasoned to taste. Tripas are generally cooked in their own fat, which allows their outermost layer to harden a bit and become crispy, while the innards still stay juicy and flavorful. 


The burrito usually needs no introduction, but the ones served in Mexico tend to be a bit different than the ones you will find throughout the United States. Burritos tend to be a bit simpler of an affair in Mexico than elsewhere. For example, in many Mexican regions, burritos are only served with a filling of refried beans. 

This brief guide should have given you some idea of just how mouthwatering antojitos can be. It is highly recommended that you give Mexican street food an honest shot. Visit this page for further assistance.

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